Auyama: what is it and what are its benefits?

Auyama: what is it and what are its benefits💪?

Perhaps you still do not know what the auyama is. Nor are its health benefits when consumed on a regular basis. Keep reading so you don't miss anything about it.

Auyama is a vegetable from a herbaceous plant that can be grown easily. It is a vegetable that has many essential nutrients inside, so it can be included in the context of a varied diet to generate various health benefits. For this reason, its consumption could be positive. However, it is not easily found in any country.

Before we begin, we must emphasize that exotic fruits and vegetables are especially recommended for their concentration of phytochemicals with antioxidant capacity. These elements neutralize the formation of free radicals and their subsequent accumulation in the body's tissues. Thanks to this, benefits are experienced, since the physiology of the internal environment will be carried out in a more efficient way.

Auyama benefits

In general terms, pumpkin is still a type of pumpkin, so it shares many nutritional characteristics with this vegetable. It is a vegetable that stands out for being low in calories and fat, but for also concentrating large amounts of vitamins A and C inside. For this reason it can help prevent certain health problems or improve their treatment.

In fact, regular consumption of vitamin C has been shown to be decisive in boosting both innate and adaptive immune function. In this way, the incidence of infectious-type pathologies decreases. In addition, you can experience better management of symptoms in the event that they develop. For this reason, it is important that the levels of said water-soluble element are maintained in adequate ranges. 

For its part, vitamin A is key to enhancing the endogenous synthesis of collagen. We are talking about one of the most abundant proteins in the internal environment. It is part of almost all body tissues. Thanks to this effect, a sufficient intake of this nutrient is related to more efficient wound healing, as evidenced by research published in the journal Nutrition in Clinical Practice. 

How to cook the auyama?

Auyama appears in many different preparations, especially in the gastronomy of South American countries. Normally it is prepared in the form of a puree, since its sweet flavor offers a very pleasant touch. But, it can also be served with sautéed onions , in different types of soups, and in creams. It is even a highly recommended vegetable for the diet of babies. It contains good quality carbohydrates that will contribute to optimal growth.

It is key to comment that a multitude of desserts can be prepared with this vegetable. The same thing happens with the carrot. When combined with ingredients like cocoa, the result is very good. The natural sweet touch that it provides means that large amounts of added sugars are not needed, which will significantly protect metabolic and pancreatic health. It should be noted that the intake of these elements in the diet should be reduced on a regular basis.

Regarding the differences of the auyama with the traditional pumpkin, it should only be commented that they reside in the flavor and texture. They are foods very similar to each other, from the same family. But, as in the case of peaches and other elements of their genre, they have characteristic nuances that identify them.

Include auyama in your regular diet

As you have seen, the auyama is a vegetable that can be introduced into the diet frequently. It contributes to improving the state of health thanks to its concentration of vitamins and phytochemicals with antioxidant capacity. It is easy to prepare and very versatile on a culinary level. It is even an ideal food to include in the diet of children, until shortly after starting complementary feeding it can begin to be offered.

Finally, keep in mind that as a general rule it is convenient to ensure the presence of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in the daily schedule . This could be reflected in a reduction in the risk of developing chronic and complex pathologies or death from any cause. In fact, this dietary strategy is related to greater longevity and a delay in aging.