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Martial Arts Types of fighting sports: Japanese, Chinese, Mixed, MMA

Martial arts are practiced for different reasons: health, personal protection, personal development, mental discipline, and character building. The strict meaning is 'military arts', by extension it applies to all kinds of styles of hand- to-hand fighting arts.

There are several types of military or military arts being practiced today, mainly Chinese martial arts , Japanese martial arts, or Korean martial arts . But do you know where the first martial art was created? It is evident that these combat systems originate from the Asian continent, they were popularized mainly in China and spread to both Japan and Korea. For centuries, and due to wars, they spread throughout the world and were modified according to how they adapted to the culture.

Currently, there are sports competitions where mixed martial arts are mostly practiced. These define who is the best fighter in the world. There the fighters combine styles of all kinds of martial arts and only one is the winner. If you're interested in learning more about combat sports, their variations based on their country of origin, and which combat sports are Olympic, dive into this exhaustive overview of all types of martial arts and their variations.


  • What are martial arts?
  • Origin and history of martial arts
  • martial arts and sport
  • Types of martial arts in the Olympic Games
  • What types of martial arts are there?
  • 1) Types of Japanese martial arts
  • Ancient Japanese martial arts: jiu jitsu
  • Karate in Japanese martial arts
  • Judo and Japanese wrestling
  • Japanese combat sports: aikido
  • Sumo in types of Japanese martial arts
  • Weapon combat systems: kendo
  • 2) Types of Chinese martial arts
  • Kung Fu in Chinese martial arts
  • Wing Chun in Chinese fighting systems
  • Chinese martial arts and Tai Chi
  • 3) Types of mixed martial arts or MMA
  • Muay Thai in mixed martial arts
  • Mixed Martial Arts: Afro-Brazilian Capoeira in MMA
  • Kickboxing in mixed martial arts
  • Wrestling or Greco-Roman wrestling in MMA
  • Mixed martial arts in Korea: taekwondo
  • Full contact MMA, American kick boxing or full contact karate

What are martial arts?

Martial arts are practical and traditional fighting sports whose objective is to subdue or defend one or more adversaries through a specific execution technique. Also, some of the combat systems feature the use of weapons.

For its part, the martial name comes from Mars, the Roman god of war. Some types of oriental martial arts , were practiced in closed circles or were distinctive of an elite related to the militia and the nobility, as was the case with the samurai warriors, their content went far beyond what constituted the training of the martial arts. troops.

One of the first martial arts of which there is a record is "the kalaripayattu" originated in the southwest of India, in what today would be the State of Kerala and also partially in Tamil Nadu. It is usually believed that it is the oldest of all military or military arts in the world.

Origin and history of martial arts

The origin of military or military arts dates back to around 3,000 years BC, but as a structured system it is not considered until the 5th century BC. At this point, some scholars claim that Greek warfare or even Chinese martial arts could be earlier. However, popular Chinese tradition attributes the origin of the military or military arts to the monk Bodhidharma, precisely because he brought from India to China this concept of union between the combat arts and philosophy, and his teaching could be reasonably related to the kalaripayattu.

Not only was the practice of combat fighting originated in Asia , there are also records of its use in the world's largest empires. Among the armies that used combat systems include some of the oldest, such as those of Africa, Greece, Rome, Mongolia among others. However, unlike these empires, Chinese martial arts forged their own identity, prevailing for thousands of years in Asia.

martial arts and sport

Martial arts fall under the category of combat sports. Combat competitions are governed by various behavioral and time rules, designed to guarantee the physical integrity of the opponents. There is always a referee present, who can stop the match. Although combat sports is a departure from actual combat, its goal is to face an adversary who has unpredictable reactions within a safe environment. Examples of these are: boxing, taekwondo, bjj, judo, Olympic wrestling, western fencing, wushu, among others.

Types of martial arts in the Olympic Games

Some of the combat sports became part of the extravaganza of the Olympic Games. Within the Olympic combat sports we also find some of the martial arts. The disciplines approved by the International Olympic Committee are:

  • Olympic fencing.
  • Boxing.
  • Judo.
  • Olympic wrestling.
  • Greco-Roman Olympic wrestling.
  • Taekwondo.
  • Olympic karate.

What types of martial arts are there?

There are many types of martial arts throughout the world, and can be categorized by continent, country, or fighting style . We can summarize that the ones with the greatest relevance due to their history and origin are the Chinese martial arts , the Japanese martial arts and therefore the Korean martial arts . Derived from these there will be others of great relevance that have also become popular in Asia and throughout the world.

On the other hand, the military or military arts can be categorized by their objective. For example, there are contact combat systems, where the limbs are used to hit the opponent. There are other contact sports that use the same strength of the opponent and there are also mixed martial arts that combine many techniques, or others that use weapons to fight 

  1)Types of Japanese martial arts

There are many types of Japanese martial arts , but the main ones and with the largest number of practitioners are the following:

  • Jiujitsu or jujutsu.
  • Karate.
  • Judo and Japanese wrestling.
  • Aikido.
  • Sumo.

In addition, there are also styles of Japanese martial arts that focus on the use of weapons, such as:

  • Kendo or kenjutsu.
  • Naginata.
  • Kyudo.
  • Laido.
  • ninjutsu.
  • Bojutsu.

Ancient Japanese martial arts: jiu jitsu

Another popular Japanese martial art is jiu jitsu. It was developed for the years 1603 to 1868 approximately. "Ju" means smooth and "Jutsu" means technique. The objective of this martial art is to use the force of the adversary. Its practice allowed the development of other modern combat systems such as Judo and Aikido.

Karate in Japanese martial arts

Karate was developed in Okinawa and consists of fighting with empty hands, that is, without any type of bladed weapon. Its founder was Gichin Funakoshi.

Karate-do is one of the most practiced types of martial arts in the world. This fighting sport is fundamentally characterized by the use of punches, blocks, kicks and open hand blows, where the different techniques receive various names, depending on the area of ​​the body to be defended or attacked. However, karate does not restrict its repertoire only to these, since it also includes: several sweeps, some throws and knockdowns, a few joint dislocations; in addition to blows to points.

Judo and Japanese wrestling

It compiles the essence of the technique and tactics of two of the oldest methods of hand-to-hand combat, which were carried out by samurai warriors on the battlefield. Judo was created by the master Jigorō Kanō in 1882. It is known for the use of keys, projections or falls of the opponent, as well as it is based on channeling force in the fight and the power to execute levers. It was also considered the main one in Japanese martial arts to join the Olympic games.

Japanese combat sports: aikido

Aikido was founded by the Japanese master Morihei Ueshiba. This fighting sport is described as the search for the neutralization of the opponent in conflict situations, although causing the opponent's defeat without harming him (the aim is therefore not to destroy or humiliate him). Aikido seeks the physical and mental perfection of the human being from training and permanent practice.

Sumo in types of Japanese martial arts

It is the oldest martial art in Japan, its origins dating back more than 1,500 years, although it was developed in Japan's more peaceful times and was rarely used in war. It is one of the most particular types of martial arts and practically exclusive to the Japanese country is sumo. This fighting sport is known for the great weight that its participants must have, who in addition to size, have a lot of strength, since the purpose is to knock the opponent to the ground or take him directly out of the combat circle.

Weapon combat systems: kendo

In the category of martial arts with weapons, we also find ourselves in the kendo style, also known as Japanese fencing. To practice this combat sport, swords made of bamboo wood are needed, which will be used to hit key areas of the body that are uncovered. At the same time, kendo also uses special armor, maintaining the ancient fighting philosophy of the ancient samurai warriors.

    2)Types of Chinese martial arts

Chinese martial arts did not become fully known in the West until the end of the 19th century, since the Chinese themselves did not allow their massive dissemination until the advent of cinema. Thanks to the great protagonists of Chinese martial arts , such as actor and martial master Bruce Lee, kung fu and other Chinese fighting styles became popular in the West. Among the main types of Chinese martial arts belong:

  • Shaolin Kungfu.
  • Wing Chun.
  • Tai Chi or Tai Ji Quan.

Kung Fu in Chinese martial arts

Kung fu is a Chinese martial art , whose word is made up of two words, "gōng" means work and the word "fu" means man. Basically, the word means continuous work. Chinese martial arts are an excellent form for self defense but also improve mental health, concentration and mastery.

Kung fu is an important system that includes theory and practice as well as a series of important values ​​that include harmony and peace. It consists of a combat technique and at the same time of self-defense that is not related to violence. It is a discipline that is based on self-control, body harmony and inner peace.

Wing Chun in Chinese fighting systems

It is a style of kung fu from southern China that descends from Shaolin Kung Fu. It has the distinction of being a type of martial art founded by two women, Ng Mui and Yim Wing-chun. The Wing Chun style is known for emphasizing technique rather than strength. This style also requires practitioners to stay relaxed while fighting , allowing them to achieve a kind of "softness" or flexibility. This relaxed flexibility gives Wing Chun fighters a special kind of strength that allows them to bend, not break, just like bamboo.

Chinese martial arts and Tai Chi

Tai Chi is sometimes known as "shadow boxing." Although most people think of Tai Chi as being made up of slow movements, there are several styles that include faster paced elements. Like many other types of Chinese martial arts , Tai Chi is intimately connected to traditional Chinese belief systems, including Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.

    3)Types of mixed martial arts or MMA

Mixed martial arts (often known by its acronym in English MMA, mixed martial arts) are the combination of techniques from different martial arts and combat sports. They are generally used for competition in fighting sports, but also for personal defense.

The different types of mixed martial arts allow greater contact compared to other combat sports, since in MMA combat different techniques are allowed to fight standing up or through blows: fists, kicks, knees, elbows. Similarly, MMA fights also include techniques for fighting on the ground or grappling: takedowns, throws, joint locks, chokes.

The combination of both techniques, grappling with punches, can be found in many types of MMA mixed martial arts such as karate, kickboxing, boxing, muay thai, taekwondo, judo, hapkido, wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, Brazilian jiu jitsu. , wushu, san da, sambo, among others. Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing combat sport in the last decade.

Muay Thai in mixed martial arts

Muay Thai , also known as Thai boxing, or traditionally as the art of eight limbs, is one of the most dangerous types of contact martial arts . Therefore, it is considered an extreme contact MMA sport and illegal in several countries around the world. It is based on Muay Boran, which is developed on the feet by means of fighting with blows with combined techniques of fists, feet, knees and elbows, in addition to some sweeps, holds (to hit) and throws. Muay Thai is very similar to other Indochinese boxing systems, such as prodal from Cambodia, tomoi from Malaysia, lethwei from Burma, and muay Lao from Laos.

Mixed Martial Arts: Afro-Brazilian Capoeira in MMA

Capoeira is one of the types of martial arts that combines facets of dance, music and acrobatics, as well as corporal expression. It was developed in Brazil by African descendants with indigenous influences probably in the early 16th century. Capoeira is known for its fast and complex movements, which use the arms and legs to perform highly agile maneuvers in the form of kicks, feints, and takedowns, among others. The Roda de Capoeira (circle of people doing Capoeira) was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco on November 26, 2014.

Kickboxing in mixed martial arts

Kickboxing is categorized under mixed martial arts because it combines elements from other fighting sports such as karate and Thai boxing. Likewise, kickboxing is related to the ancient art of Muay Thai, but elbow and knee strikes are generally not allowed. In kickboxing matches , a lot of physical resistance, strength and resistance to the blows of its practitioners are required.

Wrestling or Greco-Roman wrestling in MMA

Freestyle wrestling or Greco-Roman wrestling is one of the types of MMA martial arts in which two opponents, following certain rules, fight hand-to-hand with the aim of knocking down and immobilizing the opponent so that he touches his back on the ground for a few seconds. Victory can also be achieved by abandonment of the opponent or by decision of the judges. The bouts are played on a 6×6 m mat (8×8 m at the Olympics and World Cups) and last 10, 12 or 20 minutes, divided into two equal parts.

Mixed martial arts in Korea: taekwondo

Taekwondo (tae-foot, kwon – fist and do – path) is the best-known Korean martial art internationally and is the only officially recognized sport originating in Korea and practiced throughout the world. In South Korea, the Taekwondo Association has around 3.8 million members, making it the association with the largest number of affiliates. In 1980 the International Olympic Committee officially recognized the Seoul-based Taekwondo Federation.

Full contact MMA, American kick boxing or full contact karate

This mixed martial art was developed in 1974 in the United States. Full contact, American kick boxing or full contact karate, is considered a variation of karate. In full contact combat, the fighters, in addition to punches, use karate and taekwondo kicks. The objective is the same as in other types of martial arts, being the knockout or knockout of the opponent. American kick boxing or full contact karate is similar to classic kick boxing, with the difference that kicking the opponent's thighs is not allowed. Thus, all punches and kicks are only allowed above the waist or to the ankles as a sweep.