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Aquatic, water and nautical sports πŸš£‍♂️Activities with a board or kayak in the sea πŸ₯‡and in the poolπŸ†

Water sports have been around for a long time, but only recently have they become a hobby for thousands of people, especially in summer. There are many water sports that can be done and many nautical schools that give us the opportunity to practice them. In addition to being fun and extreme, they are very beneficial for health. They minimize the impact caused to the joints and strengthen the muscles. Water sports allow you to work, especially, specific muscle groups and cardio. In addition, they help to keep you active and enjoy nature.

Water sports are ideal to practice alone, with friends or with family. In this article, we review all the water activities that exist, differentiating between water sports , kayaking , water sports in the sea and in the pool . Another classification consists of dividing water sports into sports in the water, on and under. Finally, we will also refer to the Olympic disciplines of Tokyo 2020 and the upcoming aquatic activities of Paris 2024.


  • What are the water sports?
  • Types of water sports: in the water, on, under
  • Water sports in the sea and water activities
  • Water activities for swimming pool sports
  • Types of water sports
  • Types of sports with kayak
  • What are the Olympic water sports?

What are the water sports?

There are many water sports ; while some require a boat, others just require your swim gear. In this way, we find different classifications in relation to aquatic activities . As the list is very extensive, we have decided to group water sports as follows: water sports , kayaking , water sports in the sea and in the pool .

nautical water sports

  • Candle
  • Water skiing
  • hydro speed
  • Recreational or sport navigation
  • motorboating
  • Surf
  • kitesurfing
  • stand up paddle boarding
  • windsurfing
  • bodysurfing
  • flyboarding
  • wakeboarding
  • kneeboarding
  • flowboarding
  • bodyboarding
  • skimboarding

Water sports with kayak

  • Canoeing
  • Rowing
  • rafting
  • kayaking

Water sports in the sea

  • Diving
  • Snorkel
  • open water swimming
  • Sport fishing
  • Water activities in the pool
  • Swimming
  • Synchronized swimming
  • running in deep water
  • jumps
  • water aerobics
  • water yoga
  • Water polo
  • Underwater hockey
  • waterbasket

Types of water sports: in the water, on, under

The above water sports can also be classified into activities in the water, on or under the water. Thus, we have made a differentiation of the most outstanding water activities following these criteria. In the first place, in the water sports division, we find swimming, open water swimming, synchronized swimming, jumping and water polo. Secondly, water sports on water correspond to water sports such as bodyboarding, bodysurfing, water skiing, kitesurfing, canoeing, rafting, rowing, surfing, sailing, wakeboarding, windsurfing and motor boating. Finally, underwater sports are all those underwater activities, such as diving. In the next sections, we will see what each of these water sports consists of , referring to the following classification: water sports , kayaking , water activities in the sea and in the pool .

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Water sports in the sea and water activities

As we have commented, within the sports in the sea we find the following aquatic activities : diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming in open waters and sport fishing. Open water swimming is a discipline in which swimmers have to save a certain distance; There are several categories ranging from 5 km to more than 25 km. The tests take place in natural open spaces, such as in the sea , bays, canals, lakes or rivers. In this case, the weather, the temperature of the water and the currents condition the development of the test. On the other hand, sport fishing consists of catching fish in their natural environment. The most common method is fishing with a rod or hook.

Water sports in the sea: differences between diving and snorkeling

The last two water sports that take place in the sea are diving and snorkeling, two types of underwater water activities .

The first of them, also called scuba diving, is an underwater activity that can be carried out for recreational, investigative or sports purposes. It consists of immersing the whole body in the water, which is why, normally, it is carried out with some type of equipment that allows the diver not to have to go to the surface. When the person decides to dive without any device, it is called free diving. When diving in this way, we have to come up very often to get oxygen. To reach great depths, it is more appropriate to have diving equipment: protective masks for the eyes, fins or frog legs, protective suit and oxygen tank. On the other hand, snorkeling consists of swimming on the surface of the water with an underwater mask, a tube and fins. The difference with diving is that, in this case,

Water activities for swimming pool sports

After seeing what are the water sports in the sea , in this section we will review what water activities you can do in the pool . Later, we will see what are the water sports with kayak and water sports . However, before that, the aquatic activities in the pool are the following:

  • Water aerobics. It is one of the water sports in the pool . Thus, it consists of aerobic exercises performed in shallow water. These exercises can have the same benefits as those performed on land, but offer a lower risk of injury to muscles and joints. There are kicks, jumps, squats, dance moves, warm-up, stretching, and a cool-down period.
  • Aquatic yoga. It is a modern variant of traditional yoga that is practiced with the body partly or totally underwater. It is a perfect alternative for those who want to practice an activity with little impact on the joints, which provides relaxation and innumerable health benefits.
  • Running in deep water or aquarunning. It is carried out in an aquatic environment and, specifically, it is a sport in a swimming pool . As its name suggests, aquarunning consists of running in the water. The development is quite different than out of the water, since we cannot run with the same speed. However, we will be able to work the muscles of the body much more thoroughly and it is a wonderful alternative to recover from an injury.

Olympic aquatic activities

  • Swimming. It is a sport that consists of the displacement of a person in the water, without it touching the ground.It is regulated by the International Swimming Federation . Your practice can be competitive or merely recreational. It is one of the most practiced water sports in the world, included in the Olympic disciplines, and carried out in pools of different lengths. Specific swimming techniques are known as strokes and have particular names: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and front crawl.
  • Synchronized or artistic swimming. It is a discipline in the pool that combines swimming, gymnastics and dance. The swimmers (whether alone, as duos, teams or combined) perform a series of elaborate movements in the water to the rhythm of the music. It is one of the water sports that requires more aquatic skills, physical resistance, flexibility and precision in time, as well as exceptional control of underwater apnea. It is an Olympic sport since 1984, only women's.
  • Jumps: It is one of the Olympic water sports . It consists of making perfect figures and entering the water splashing as little as possible. In this competition there are lever and springboard events for both sexes, both individual and synchronized. Diving was included in the Olympic Games in 1904.

Team water sports

Water polo. It is an Olympic sport in the pool , in which two teams face each other. The objective of the game is to score the highest number of goals into the opposing team's goal during the duration of the match. It is characterized for being a group sport, considered of extreme speed, strength and strategic and mental intelligence. In addition to athletics and cycling, it is one of the most physically demanding water activities .

Underwater hockey. It is a sport that is played at the bottom of a swimming pool between two teams. The objective is, with the small sticks of each player, to score a goal in the goal of the opposing team. It is one of the water sports in which strategy and skill, both physical and mental, are essential.

waterbasket. It is a pool sport that mixes the rules of water polo and basketball. It consists of scoring the maximum points with a ball to the opposite basket. Currently, in the United States, Brazil and Europe, waterbasket matches are organized, a good alternative to improve physical condition.

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Types of water sports

Within water sports we also find water sports . They are all those aquatic activities in which it is a question of directing a boat. Sailing consists of controlling the dynamics of a boat propelled solely by the wind. Sailing, as a sport, can be recreational or competitive. Sailing competitions are called regattas, and the boats are sailboats. Secondly, water skiing is a sport that mixes surfing and skiing. High speeds are reached, it requires good reflexes and balance. Participants ski on the water holding on to a rope pulled by a boat, performing spectacular maneuvers on one or two skis. Hydrospeed is one of the water sports which consists of descending mountain rivers aboard an individual boat, controlled by the navigator's bodily maneuvers.

On the other hand, motorboating is a family of competitive water sports based on motorboat racing. His main disciplines are offshore speed, shore speed and endurance. Recreational or sports navigation is understood as maritime navigation or inland navigation in a recreational boat whose exclusive purpose is recreation, the practice of sport or non-professional fishing. It can be done by any type of propulsion, such as sailing, motorized or rowing. Finally, surfing is a recreational or Olympic sport that consists of making wide turns and maneuvers on a board, taking advantage of the force of a wave. Next, we will see the water sports in the sea related to surfing.

Water sports: variants of surfing

  • Kitesurfing, paddle surfing, windsurfing and bodysurfing are aquatic activities , classified within water sports , which are born thanks to the origin of surfing.
  • Kitesurfing. One of the gliding water sports in which the wind propels a traction kite attached to your body by a harness. That way, you can ride a board on the waves or perform maneuvers in the air.
  • Paddle Surfing. It consists of sliding on the water with a board and an oar or paddle as a means of displacement. The main goal is to stay on your feet.
  • Windsurfing. It consists of moving on the water with a board and a sail. A characteristic of windsurfing boards is that they are very light and very easy to use.
  • Bodysurfing. The purpose of this sport is to glide through the waves without the help of a board or any floating device. To achieve this, you will use your arms and hands to move inside the wave and drill it with only your body.

Variants of surfing: Water sports with a board

All these water sports are water sports that are performed with some type of board.

  • Flyboarding. It consists of standing on a board that rises above the water thanks to the force generated by the jet ski, which propels said board. The flyboard allows you to fly up to a maximum of 12 meters and even propel yourself underwater.
  • Wakeboarding. The athlete is pulled by a rope attached to a motor boat. Therefore, wakeboarding would be a kind of water skiing, but without skis. In this case, the wakeboarder glides on a board similar to a snowboard.
  • Kneeboarding. Surf modality that is practiced with wider and shorter boards. The rider kneels on the board and can use fins to propel himself during the stroke.
  • Flowboarding. Combine moves from skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. It consists of surfing artificial waves using a board.
  • Bodyboarding. Sport based on sliding on the surface of a wave without breaking on a shorter and more flexible board than surf boards.
  • Skimboarding. This sport begins on the shore of the beach. The athlete waits in the sand for a good wave to, in this way, run towards it in a trajectory perpendicular to the sea line and race up on his board.

Types of sports with kayak

After reviewing the water sports in the sea , in the pool and water sports , in this section we will see what each of the water activities with kayaks consists of.. In the first place, canoeing is practiced on a light boat propelled by one or several people with a paddle. They are located in front of the bow of the boat, unlike rowing, a sport in which they are placed on their backs. The boats used are canoes, kayaks and canoes. On the other hand, rowing is a sports discipline that has two modalities, the mobile bench and the fixed bench. The mobile bench rower has a seat on wheels that allows the legs to be used to propel the boat. In the fixed bench row, the rower is seated on a fixed seat, and propulsion is done with the leg (60%), torso (30%), and arms (10%).

River descent or rafting is a recreational water sport that consists of going down the river in the direction of the current. This descent can be done with a kayak , raft or canoe. It is an activity that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years for various reasons: it is safe, no previous knowledge is required and it is a lot of fun. Finally, the kayak is a variety of canoe for one to four crew members, whose use is fundamentally for sports. In kayak water sports, the crew members sit in the forward direction, and propel the boat by means of a double bladed blade that does not need support on the hull. It is a long and narrow boat. Today, kayaking water sports they open up a world of incredible journeys to their practitioners; They are an excellent way to do tourism and discover new corners.

What are the Olympic water sports?

Many water sports are practiced during the Olympic Games . Next, we will see what the five main Olympic water sports are. First of all, we find swimming pool races . Swimming is one of the water activities of the modern Olympic Games, and have been performed by men since the inaugural edition in Athens in 1896. Women, on the other hand, began to compete in 1912. Originally, swimming events were held in the sea or in an artificial lake, and in 1908 they began to be held in swimming pools. Secondly, we find synchronized or artistic swimming, which combines gymnastics, dance and swimming. Swimmers must perform elaborate movements to the rhythm of the music. It has been constituted as an Olympic Game since 1984.

Thirdly, water polo is one of the team water sports that has been played in the Olympics since 1900 in Paris in the men's version. In the female branch it has been practiced since 2000 in Sydney. It is a discipline that takes place in the pool and is made up of two teams of seven players each. The ball is carried with the hands and the objective is to score goals in the opposite goal. Fourthly, jumps are aquatic activities in the pool that consist of jumping into the water from a fixed point. In sports competitions, the point is a platform, a diving board or the edge of the pool.

Finally, surfing began to be practiced at the Tokyo 2021 Games. The objective is to surf the waves of the sea and demonstrate stability on them before they are about to break. The format of this sport has an initial round and a main round, which will take the best surfers to the final round for Olympic medals.

Water sports at the 2024 Paris Olympics

One of the most anticipated sporting events in the world is the Summer Olympic Games, which will take place in Paris in 2024. Swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo will be present at the next Olympics. Many of these water sports have been part of the Olympic Games since their beginning. Water sports with kayaks , canoes and paddles will also return to this event. Slalom and sprint events for canoeing and kayaking will be hosted. For rowing, there will be 14 events. On the other hand, surfing, after becoming an Olympic sport at the Tokyo Games in 2020, will once again play a leading role in Paris. However, sailing and other water sports will undergo great innovations, such as the introduction of kiteboarding as an Olympic sport.

Apart from kiteboarding, there are other aquatic activities that are making their debut at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. There will be three categories in the nautical events: men, women and mixed. For both the women's and men's categories, the official water sports are kiteboarding, windsurfer, skiff and one person dinghy. On the other hand, water sports in nautical events include two person dinghy and multihull.

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